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Bike & Park

Developed an automated parking & charging system for e-bicycle, providing its users secure parking and electricity charging spots. Bike & Park’s vision aims to improve the urban environment by reducing CO2 emission, noise pollution & traffic congestions.


DRiiVZ is developing an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging management platform. It is made up from a set of software tools that effectively responds to the needs of the Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV & PHEV) market ecosystem


Gnrgy focusing on HAN/BAN, Demand Response, Energy Efficiency and Electric Vehicle Charging. Based on our field experience with each of these applications and leading utilities around the globe.


HumaVox is developing a trailblazing wireless power technology platform, one that redefines power related perceptions for manufacturers, and turns the oppressive operation of recharging a device into a seamless and intuitive experience for users.

Moon Solar Light (MSL) Ltd.

Moon Solar Light (MSL) is a manufacturer of solar road markers solar lighting and solar products. MSL offers a variety of solar powered lighting solutions for various purposes such as safety, decoration lighting and traffic equipment.


Developed an innovative patented technology to repair Potholes, alligator cracks and sunken manholes in roads, pavements, bridges, runways in all-weather within minutes obtaining enduring results.

V.L.V Ltd.

swapping batteries for scooters and e-bikes