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Agam Energy Systems Ltd.

Agam Energy develops a car engine which consumes a fifth of the fuel and emits a tenth of the pollution.

Aquarius Engines

Completed production of breakthrough high density engine-generator.


The main inovation is based on a smart and patentable mechanical design, which significantly magnifies the piezoelectric ability to produce electrical energy, as compared to current solutions.


A motorcycle that runs on both conventional and alternatives fuels.

GLR Tech

GLR Tech is a produce alternative energy from the waste from internal combustion engines, such as from trucks, buses, heavy vehicles, heavy ships, etc.


integrated hybrid transmission

HydroCAD-Nahum Goldenberg

HydroCAD- is a Fluid Power Engineering Company. HydroCAD was was presented on 1987 and since then HydroCAD became a powerful tool for those activities in hydraulics that we never get paid. HydroCAD-Nahum Goldenberg Ltd is still a small company with sales worldwide .

PMT (Rubicon)

PMT Has developed a unique technology substantially that improves the performance of piston engines and vehicles. The prototype integrates with the motor without the need of changing the structure of the original engine.

R-Jet Engineering

R-Jet is developing high efficiency, environmentally friendly, 40 kW CHP (Combined Heat and Power) Power units (Turbo-Generators) to be applied in Distributed Power Generation application.


Revolutionary rotary internal combustion engine

Tour Engine

Tour engine is a revolutionary internal combustion engine with substantial efficiency gain, based on measurements from operating prototypes and state-of-the-art computer simulations. (Supported by Israel and USA DOE).